Your proposal should give us a clear idea of what your book is about, who you are writing it for and why it is important in your field. To help us evaluate your book idea and determine if it is a good fit with our publishing program, please submit (electronically or in hard copy) a proposal including the following items. We will respond to your proposal or manuscript within 30 working days.

Title information

  • Tentative title and subtitle
  • Educational technology topic(s) addressed
  • Pedagogies/learning theories addressed


Author information

  • Name
  • Position and affiliation
  • Curriculum vitae/resume/relevant biographical information for primary author
  • Brief bios for any coauthors or contributing authors
  • A list of any places your writing has appeared (if not included on CV)
  • Mailing address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media info: website, blog, Twitter handle
  • ISTE/PLN affiliation (if any)


Content information

  • Concept: In one or two sentences, indicate the concept or central thesis of the book.
  • Table of contents: Provide a detailed outline of the work, including section headings, chapter headings, subheadings and appendices. Include a brief synopsis of each chapter, clearly representing the organization of ideas in the book.
  • Sample chapters: If the manuscript is not complete, send one or two chapters that are an integral part of the work. The chapters do not have to be in sequence, but they should be representative of the content and writing style of the text as a whole. If possible, submit chapters that are particularly innovative or unique or that provide the clearest indication of your main ideas. Sample chapters should contain rough sketches, charts and a description of photographs to be included, but this material need not be in final form.
  • Other information: Note if any portion of the book has been previously published in any format.


Audience and market information

  • Audience: Describe the work's intended audience: Who will be interested and benefit most from your work? How will readers use your book? What kind of technical background will readers or users need?  
  • Outstanding features: List what you consider to be the most distinctive or unique features of the work. What will it offer that previous or similar works do not? How will it contribute to the field and/or the future of educational technology? What problems can it help solve?
  • Market: Explain why there is a need for this book. How large is the market for this book? How do you plan to promote your book? Does the book have potential for course adoption at any level?
  • Competition: List any current books that your work will compete against or is similar to and discuss their specific strengths and weaknesses. Spell out how your material will be different from these competing works.


Manuscript information

  • How many pages, illustrations, appendixes, etc., will the completed work have?
  • What is your timetable for completing the work?
  • What portion of the work is now complete?


Email or mail your proposal to: