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Nadia Abuisnaineh, a Solar System Ambassador for NASA, teaches students about space.

NASA program brings space exploration down to Earth for students


Topics: NASA, STEM

Do you want your students to learn about NASA’s plans to return to the moon or its efforts to find extraterrestrial life? Or how scientists plan to grow food on extended space missions or the latest…


Trina Davis

Trina Davis: She’s reinventing how educators learn to teach STEM


Topics: STEM, Teacher training

To create unforgettable STEM experiences for students, teachers need to have them first.

That’s how Trina Davis sees it. An associate professor for Texas A&M University’s Department of Teaching…


A girl uses her smartphone to measure silence.

Students can use smartphones to measure quietude


Topics: citizen science, STEM

Sten Odenwald wants to find a little peace and quiet. And he wants you to help him.

Odenwald, the director of citizen science for NASA, has…


Students can check Earth's gravity on their cellphones.

Students can do citizen science on their smartphones


Topics: citizen science, STEM

For astronomer Sten Odenwald, the smartphones we all use in our daily lives have some extraordinary scientific potential. For instance, the sensor a phone uses to help orient its screen can also measure gravity…


NASA wants students to help predict real-world disease outbreaks

NASA wants students to help predict real-world disease outbreaks


Topics: STEM

They’re the bane of summer campouts, cookouts and evening strolls. They’re also the world’s most dangerous animal, causing more deaths even than humans. Yet most people don’t think about mosquitoes until they’…