Linda Abonyo
Board Liaison
Chike Aguh
Future of Work Fellow
Marvyn Anthony
Membership Coordinator
Stephanie Argy
Associate Editor
Stefanie Arnold
Director of Event Logistics
Ankita Awasthi
Customer Service Coordinator
Darren Bailey
Senior Director of Technology & Digital Strategy (CTO)
Vincent Barnett
Senior Director of Conference Logistics
David Benoit
Senior Director for District & Channel Partnerships
Ariana Berry
Events & Office Coordinator
Sherry Bosch
Senior Project Manager of Professional Services
Marbellis Castillo
Senior Project Manager
Kaylee Collins
Metadata Specialist
Richard Culatta
Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Ellis
Senior Director of Membership
Diana Fingal
Director of Editorial Content
Jim Flanagan
Chief Operating & Strategy Officer
Rhonda Ford
Chief Membership and Partnership Officer
Mindy Frisbee
Director of Alignment
Camilla Gagliolo
Senior Director of Event Content
Greg Hall
Senior Project Manager
Nancy Hawthorne
Senior Manager of Events Projects
Simon Helton
Director of Community Engagement
Danielle Hunsaker
Marketing Production Manager
Colleen Kimball
Senior Digital Projects Manager & Event Lead
Lauren Kocher
Community Manager
Alyssa Korinke
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Liz Lee
Director of Online Learning
Samantha Mack
Education Portfolio Marketing Manager
Jessica Medaille
Senior Advisor
Cory Meiner
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Beth Miranda
Events Project Manager
Emily Morris
Director of Campaign Strategy & Implementation
Colin Murcray
Senior Director Books & Journals
Sara Murray
Director of Guest Services & Production
Jiaqi “Annie” Ning
Director, Asia Affairs
Leslie Oleynik
Senior Director of Finance (CFO)
Brandon Olszewski
Director of Research
Edwin Ouellette
Senior Graphic Designer
Greg Owen
Senior Software Systems Analyst
Boyka Parfitt
Manager of Government & External Relations
Angela Price
Senior Manager of Corporate Relations
Jennifer Ragan-Fore
Chief Events & Marketing Officer
Yolanda Ramos
Senior Regional Director for the Americas
MacKenzie Rawcliffe
Web Marketing Manager
Emily Reed
Managing Editor
Nury Rivas
Standards Project Manager
Elizabeth Roberts
Senior Director of Events Strategy & Activation
Carmalita Seitz
Certification Director
Brittany Singleton
Senior Executive Assistant
Ji Soo Song
Senior Policy Advisor
Joseph South
Chief Learning Officer
Maressa Surrett
Director of Technology & Digital Solutions
Carolyn Sykora
Senior Director of ISTE Standards Programs
abc Thanksgiving Employee
Shreemathi Tumkur
Senior Project Manager
LaZ Watkins
Senior Director, Human Resources
Valerie Witte
Senior Acquisitions Editor
Casandra Woodall
Senior Director of Business Strategy